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Archive Testing Procedures [for reported Broken Downloads]

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Archive Testing Procedures [for reported Broken Downloads]
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Post Archive Testing Procedures [for reported Broken Downloads] Reply with quote
I'm putting this here, as I guess it can be modded to wherever it needs to be, if it is needed at all.
I am just sick of having to watch shit TV with the Mrs. (so far, Grand Designs and Nip/Tuck), so I'm gonna write some shit on the internet.

Since I haven't found anything that defines the standards here, and I've just had to go through this, I'm gonna post my procedure for dealing with busted downloads as well as outline some standards for creating ISO's and Archives and ensuring no problems occour from GamesUpdater-A to GamesDownloader-B.

It can also serve as a bit of groundwork and more source material from which to draw for other things.

Idk if it is complete, I started this when it was still light and then I was distracted by some woman (I forgot it is the weekend, so she is home) and now it's after 0030 and I am a bit wasted, Claire is watching TV; the neighbours had a free porn show, as we forgot to close the curtain lol. I was watching one old granny and, I guess, her husband looking aghast, along with the standard people who see each other because their flat faces into theirs. I smiled at maureen. Smile

Then I realise... The two people who are standing at the round window over there... They're the people we're going bowling with next week, Claire and Pete (2).

Claire only noticed all when she lifted her head up and turned around - and she hates being watched (she says...) - so her having to shut the curtains, naked, albeit with most of the people ducking away or pretending to gaze into the distance (you don't see nearly the whole wing at their windows unless there's a fireworks display) was a moment I wish I had a camera for.
Or was an artist who could convey such a thing.

Whatever, that was an LOL moment. :LOL:

Perhaps I should edit this to the end..? I'll edit this later anyway. It can stand.

Anyway, before I was accosted and manhandled, I was writing this:

Archive Testing Procedure [for reported Broken Downloads]

So you want to stash some booty, eh?

    If you've created your own ISO to archive, test its integrity and reliability - if you can, on two computers - before creating the compressed archive. Add this check anywhere you see fit in the Testing Procedures.

Before creating the compressed archive of game/app files:

    Test the ISO/Files, that they load into Alcohol or Daemon; that they're all intact.
    If you can, do this on two machines.

Creating the Archive

    Only include those files that are necessary, including the .nfo's if it's not your crack / original archive
    Compress slowly. Aim to get the best quality over speed, even if it means less compression; "Normal" compression level is fine.
    If you choose to split the archive into manageable chunks after creating one massive archive, then ensure it is double checked by re-joining the files and then re-testing the resulting unpacked stuff. ISO / files & folders, whatever.
    Smaller split-files mean chance of, as they're being downloaded, some hash fail or whatever is reduced.
    If you need to use a byte calculator in order to figure out how big (in Mb) a file should be, this is recommended.
    For easy reference, 100Mb = 104,857,600 bytes.

If you are using something like WinRar or whatever, and then HJSplit, the procedure is still the same as if you were creating a split archive in WinRar.
7-Zip is available from:
I am using this, for now, as I've never had any problems with it and most filehosts will now accept the format without problem.

Testing the New Archive

    If you've used 7-Zip, there is an archive test/validator, built in. This, as far as I can tell, is pretty accurate and also provides the info that - if there are problems - it's not with the archive you have created.
    If you've split the archive with HJSplit, double check the archive re-joins if you haven't already.
    For Winrar, or any of the other apps you can use, they often have a check you can run on newly created archives

If the archive has been reported as "fucked" (say, CRC somewhere), and you have followed the above procedures and tested the archive by downloading it yourself [again] and rejoining it, running it, installing it, etc...
In that case, the issues could have arisen during file upload, validation on the external host, or during download.
There's not much you can do about someone else's download problems, except re-create and re-validate/upload the archive. Possibly at another host-site - some things on the internet remain occult.
Why mediafire is sometimes great and sometimes shite remains a mystery. One that I cannot begin to fathom.

Uploading the New / Replacement Archive

    Wherever you choose to upload, make sure that the files will be there even if they are not downloaded for a long time.
    I have one file on my mediafire with 3126 downloads - that one wouldn't get removed by anyone - but others, such as personal files I don't share, at some places, will be removed after a set period of inactivity.
    Always have a backup (free) account at the same place and at another (free/premium) file hosting site.
    Remove all traces of the old files on the external host. This includes any subfolders they were stored in.
    For mediafire, this would be a simple case of just checking the folder and deleting it. Other places, such as FileDropper, you can't do this, so you'll just have to leave the link to die of old age Razz

    Upload the files one at a time if there have been reported errors. Queued uploads that are left unattended are liable to drop pieces.
    Smaller file sizes also reduce the risk of dropped packets and hashfails.
    It's usually better to have 5x100Mb than 1x500Mb. Just in case a d/l or u/l is interrupted; better safe than having to redo it.
    Especially if the archive has already been reported as "fucked".

    Wherever you choose to upload, ensure you use the steadiest speed you can attain. Turn off any accelerators and try to minimise your bandwidth usage during the upload.
    Eg. Pause anything you may be seeding, streaming, downloading; servers you may be running and games that use up any bandwidth higher than that of a V32Bis Modem.

Testing the uploaded Archive

    Of course you're going to download the files yourself to make sure there're no problems!
    Follow what is already laid out in the checking procedures above, but for those who can't be arsed with re-reading:
    If applicable: Check the ISO (or whatever) to ensure it mounts correctly and that the contents are intact and function as they should.
    Run the app/game's installer to make sure it works (this will not affect what you already have installed, as it'll be "over-installed" most often.
    If you are worried - back up the files you need (saved games and settings, documents, etc...)

Really, this whole process does not take long and is something that a lot of people will do already.
It is left as a reference and in an effort to help guide future Game Updaters in ensuring their piracy is up to standard, until it becomes second nature and/or they earn their first scar / eyepatch / gold ear-ring / model ZXC64 spacesuit.

Whichever comes first.
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