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Feedback from some of the people that have landed here

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Feedback from some of the people that have landed here

Can you see the Games/Apps forums when not logged in?
 0%  [ 0 ]
 100%  [ 2 ]
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Den Dweller

Joined: 07 Sep 2009
Posts: 37
Location: London

Post Feedback from some of the people that have landed here Reply with quote
They've said, "cool forum, but where are the games".

I tell them they have to sign up to see them and they reply that they'd rather see that there are games there first.

When I'm logged in, I see the games forums and they say "when you are registered you will have access to this forum".
When I'm not, I don't even see the games and apps forums (also, where do I put e-books and other stuff, or is this only games and apps? Can I do Mac stuff too?)

Is this the same for other people?
Can they not see the games/apps forums when not logged in and only see the message about seeing them when registered when logged in?

I send at least 6 people over here yesterday, 3 personally and 3 through exit links from another site (so it *is* working, slowly) and they've not joined.
One commented on a blog saying "WTF? Dude? There are no games?!!"

I've told him to register, but idk if he will because I don't know him - he was just passing traffic; I've never seen his IP before.

FAQ wrote:

Why do I need to register at all?
You may not have to -- it is up to the administrator of the board as to whether you need to register in order to post messages. However, registration will give you access to additional features not available to guest users such as definable avatar images, private messaging, emailing to fellow users, usergroup subscription, etc. It only takes a few minutes to register so it is recommended you do so.

But who reads the FAQ's..? Apart from people like me?

Might be worthwhile sticking this as the welcome note / pop-up or somewhere, if I'm not the only person who can't see those two forums when I'm not logged in.

Still, it's adding another element of overtness to, from what I gather, is a covert operation.
It'd just be a simple way to allow people to know what the benefits are of signing up, though - the [active] membership is mostly AB atm.
If you're fine with that, then I guess there's no problems. But it sounds to me like you want the community to expand a bit, else you wouldn't be interested in banners n stuff (idk if they are for other sites or for here, but even still...)

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The Forum Virus

Joined: 01 Mar 2007
Posts: 190
Location: RIGHT HERE!

Post Reply with quote
If the Setup is correct the answer to that question is by No doubt a definite NO.
In order to make sure people don't just visit the place to only grab illegal games & apps (when a few are also freeware), I decided early on that access to the whole download section is for registered & logged in members ONLY.

About the e-books (& music). There are TONS of other sites where you can get your fix for free, BUT hosting this stuff is an Invitation to those people who "protect" legit music and stuff like that. (RIAA etc.)
So I don't really want to burn my hands on that. Smile

This place is more meant for that quality stuff that can't be obtained through other sites because it's either considered protected/sold or otherwise not interesting to share. (see my opinion on music/e-books)

Mac stuff can also be sorted into Apps & games, right? Smile
So. If you have a Mac game, it goes in the game section, when its a program it goes to Programs.
Although it would be wise to state that the stuff is for Mac's and not PC's.
Same goes for Linux btw. Cool

Hmmm.. Forgot that you only see the "you can see this" text AFTER being logged in.
Perhaps the download section needs a little revamping.

Maybe having the/a Request/discussion forum in the same main section that CAN be viewed by everyone.
(and has the "you can see" description)
BUT. You still have to register/log in to post @ ALL anywhere on this Forum.
Yes, phpBB2 allows for mods that ALSO could allow guest posting, but I'm not in the mood to flush a ton of Porn bots PER DAY.
So people still need to register to post/get goodies.

Greetings from GTX2GvO

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Den Dweller

Joined: 07 Sep 2009
Posts: 37
Location: London

Post Reply with quote
Nah mate, fuck the pr0n bots and that.

I just thought it'd be a good idea that, when I tell people "hey there's this place and, if you sign up you can get some REALLY cool shit", and they come back and go. "it's a forum, where's the stuff"... It'd be useful, if anything else, to have some indication of the site's purpose for visitors.

ooo, I have one new message - that better not be an ad for porn, cos I'm streaming some already.

Anyway - allowing unlogged visitors to see the forums, but not access, so they can see the "when you register you will have access to over x many games and apps" would probably be helpful.
As it is, people are wondering what the fuck I am talking about and thinking I'm some crazy person trying to get them to sign up to discuss the chatboxes on the site and their necessities, etc...

Gotta have some bait, dude. Gotta have that bit of light, like an Angler Fish, dangling in front of them - just before you bite into their heads and pierce their brains with your thousands of razor sharp, chitinous teeth.

Should I put Bioshock 2 up here, thinking of fish and teeth?
It's pretty big and people may already have put it up... Is Bioshock on here? Are the Hitman games?

Dude-- you can have my whole collection.

I am saying this because visitors CAN see this bit, and so they know wtf they can get here. Direct - no torrents.
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