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List of Good multiplayer NES games

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List of Good multiplayer NES games
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GOOD = In my opinion. Feel free to share your thoughts too If you dont agree.

Most of these games are simultaneous multiplayers, as theyre pretty much ass-kickers. I've also left out many sports-related games, as I rarely had change to play those.

1-4 players

A board game, quite like pictionary. The computer draws something and you have to guess what it is. Win colors, advance to the next levels and eventually, win the whole game. Relaxing game.

Arch Rivals
1-2 players

Your basic game of basketball, but with one exception: No penalties. If you want that ball back, youre going to have to punch your opponent right in the kisser.

1-2 players

A two player fantasy chess-like game, where the pieces are different characters. When two characters meet, they enter the battlefield and fight!

Balloon Fight
1-2 players

A battle of epic porportions: Two guys are strapped on balloons, and they must defeat other guys; By landing on their balloons! Both contest and co-op works on this game.

Battle Chess
1-2 players

Yeah, its chess....but with animated combat! The piece's kill each other in a fascinating way. Two player hot (?) chess action!

Battle City Japanese game
1-2 players

Two player tank-game. Fight in a field against enemy tanks, collect power-ups and protect your base. Level editor included. You do not need to know any Japanese to play it.

1-2 players

Story of two ass-kicking toads on a quest to save their fellow croaker. Hard as hell, but fun nontheless.

Battletoads and Double Dragon - The Ultimate Team
1-2 players

Toadsters second game, where they this time team up with the Billy and Jimmy from Double Dragon series to take out the alliance of evil forces from both franchises!

Blades of Steel
1-2 players

Yes, despite its violent sounding name, its a hockey game. Still, its a pretty good one and its got everything you'd expect from a hockey game, including fighting!

Bomberman 2
1-2 players

Two players, one labyrinth and infinite amount of bombs...KABOOM!
NOTE: While the original game, Bomberman 2, is Japanese, the european version is translated. However, the European versino was called "Dynablaster".

Bubble Bobble
1-2 players

The wonderful journey throught the cave of monsters. Two dinosaurs jump arond and capture enemies inside bubbles. Top notch cutesy-fun.

California Games
1-8 players

You know the drill; Players line up and compete in cool events like half-pipe, foot bag, BMX riding and surfing. Radical!

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 1 & 2
1-2 players

Disney's popular squirrels go trought levels and throw stuff at enemies to save their friends. Two player co-op mayhem!

Contra (Probotector in Europa
1-2 players

Two men, couple of weapons and barrage of enemy soldiers....its f****** Contra man!!

Double Dragon
1-2 players

The grandfather of beat-em ups. Beat up the bad guys, save the chick and save the world. However, on NES, the only two player options was fighting mode, were players duke it out Street Fighter style.

Double Dragon 2
1-2 players

Sequel the to first game, this time with simultaneous multiplayer beat-em up action! Woohoo!

Double Dragon 3
1-2 players
No cover image found
Same as the previous one, except this time its lot more harder!

Downtown - Nekketsu Koushin Kyoku - Soreyuke Daiundokai Japanese
1-4 players

Four player crazy sports events! Originally in Japanese, but fan-translations are available.

To be continued...
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